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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Eating in the New Year, Cont.

The traditional New Year's Day feast amounted to the celebration of a beginning, yes. It also signaled an end:

After a couple of weeks of eating as if I were in competition, I have come down from my tower of excess and resumed some semblance of moderation. This, despite my credo: Moderation in all things. Including moderation.

I do feel good and righteous and am able to work and play longer when I start the day with one of my breakfast constructions. This is an early-morning counterpart to a kitchen-sink soup; whatever is around and tasty and maybe healthful on a given day is what goes into the construction.

A gift shipment of pecans increased my stash enough that I'm able to go crazy with nuts. And, though the fiber cereal is roundly disparaged as "cardboard" by some foodies, I like the stuff. The creamy whiteness is not whipped cream; it's yogurt.

On some days, I add cow's milk; on others, soy milk. I've tried rice milk. Too watery for me. The construction parts in the picture can be adapted to many of my favorite breakfasts, including quinoa and brewed oatmeal – oats soaked in milk for 30 minutes – and a winter favorite, steel-cut oats, cooked into a porridge.

So, away with the big fat holiday leftovers for breakfast, the full cholesterol meal of eggs, bacon, English muffins slathered with butter. Hail to the cardboard! Until the next day of celebration.


  1. I thought you might be trying to disguise some dog kibble with cottage cheese here. The strawberries and pecans almost made me think I would eat it. tee hee... Keep that moderation under control. You don't want eating to become too bland.

    As to that NY day meal, my Sister wrote to say she had a meal much the same but our German heritage shone through as she had pork, sauerkraut, black eyed peas etc...

    Here's to a Happy Gastronomic New Year. May we all thrive.

  2. Eat well, sir, and remember to exercise moderation in your moderation!

  3. – Lisa, it does look a bit like mystery food, doesn't it.

    Your sister's table sounds like a delicious place to be.

    – Laurrie, Lisa, no worries on my succumbing to too much moderation.

    To the joy of eating – Cheers!

  4. Yum, it looks absolutely delicious!

  5. That is a really healthy breakfast. I am a food/nutrition nut, and I try to eat that way most of the time, although I add vegetables at every meal, even breakfast. But pastries, that's my downfall.

  6. Ahhh, L. Ambler, pastries are hard to resist – and should not be resisted.

    I agree that vegetables are wonderful at breakfast: say, pickled radish, carrots, along with miso soup. Or, leftover collards and blackeyed peas. Gotta go; I just made myself hungry.

  7. I received a gift of pecans, too. Hand gathered in Oklahoma. Small, delicate, and intensely flavorful. What a delightful surprise! Wonderful with my homemade yogurt or a bowl of oatmeal.

  8. Cindy, I remember gathering pecans when I lived in Georgia. What a special treat. You're fortunate to have an Oklahoma source.

  9. Your fiber cereal dish is much prettier than mine, though I do have it with either soymilk or yogurt, too, and sliced bananas. I will for sure add some colorful fruits next time.

    1. Hey, Mim, interesting how much the look of food influences taste, isn't it. As for fiber, I am sometimes amazed at how much I like that stuff – which some folks call "cardboard."


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